Article I. Name

     Section 1:

A. The name of this esteemed organization shall henceforth be the Appalachian State University Black Student Association (BSA).

B. All references to the Constitution in this document are referring to the Constitution of the Black Student Association.

Article II. Mission Statement

     Section 1:


A. The mission statement of BSA reads: “Our mission is to actively make a change for unity by encouraging the principles of scholarship, leadership, cultural uplift, diversity, and community service. In addition, BSA is committed to promoting a positive image at Appalachian State University and the black community at large.”

Article III. Objective

Section 1:

The primary objectives of BSA are:


A. To cultivate a continuous relationship with the administration, black faculty and staff, and black students at App State.

B. To be the voice behind the black students at App State.

 C. To work to bring unity amongst multicultural organizations on App State’s campus.

 D. To promote community outreach and service.

E. To promote cultural awareness.

F. To preserve the essence of black heritage

Article IV. Membership

     Section 1: Appalachian State University students committed to the mission and objective of the Black Student Association are considered a general body member.

  Section 2: The Black Student Association states that no student will be excluded from membership or participation on the basis of their race, color, religious status or

historic religious affiliation, sex, national origin, age, political affiliation, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or unless

exempt under Title IX, gender. The Black Student Association agrees to follow all Appalachian State University, State, and Federal laws and policies.

Section 3: Attendance Policy: In order to be considered an active member of BSA, one must attend a minimum of 6 general body meetings, 2 service oriented

projects, or 2 BSA hosted events per semester.

Section 4: Meetings: The Black Student Association shall hold one general meeting per week and no more than fifteen per semester. Scheduled BSA meetings shall be

widely advertised and open to any App State student.

Article V. BSA Advisory Board

Section 1: The President of the BSA Advisory Board must hold at least sophomore status and maintain a grade point average of 2.5. That person will be voted on by the general body.

A. The President will preside over all BSA Advisory Board meetings

B. The President will be the liaison with the BSA advisor, the Student Development Division

C. The President will be required to attend a weekly meeting with the advisor of the Black Student Association.

D. The President may have individual monthly meetings with each advisory board member if needed.

E. The President is required to serve 2 office hours in the Black Student Association office located on the 2nd floor of Plemmons Student Union.

F. The President must attend or delegate an Advisory Board member to represent the Black Student Association at sponsored events if the President cannot attend.

G. The President will participate in the Leadership Council offered to the Presidents/chairs of Student Development sponsored organizations.

H. The President will be the voice between BSA and the university

I. Coordinating the preparation and presentation of budget materials for the academic year

J. Ensuring that each advisory board member is performing their specific duties

K. Creating a weekly agenda for the General Body Meeting

L. Regularly checking the BSA mailbox at the post office and in the CSIL office

M. Delegate relevant responsibilities to other board members as needed

N. Reserving a room at the end of spring and fall semester for meetings


Section 2: The Vice-President of the BSA Advisory Board will be elected by the

general body


A. A majority vote of the general body (50 percent plus 1).

B. The Vice-President will assume the responsibilities of President in the President’s absence.

C. The Vice-President will assist the President in responsibilities as delegated.

D. Will be responsible for recording meeting minutes and distributing those minutes to the Advisory Board.

E. Submitting proper registration for Homecoming events.

F. Coordinating participation in Homecoming events.

G. Planning the fall leadership retreat for BSA.

H. Creating weekly agenda for Advisory Board meetings.

I. Maintaining a minimum of 2 office hours weekly.

J. Meetings weekly with advisor(s).

K. Conducting one-on-one monthly meetings with each Advisory Board member.

L. Attending all BSA sponsored retreats.

M. Coordinate the Annual Blood Drive.

N. Being a stand-in for other committees as needed.


Section 3:  Each advisory board member is required to supervise at least one committee during their term as Advisory Board member.


Section 4: Each advisory board member is required to serve two office hours per week.


Section 5: Each advisory board member is encouraged to continue to enhance leadership skills, and to participate in leadership training activities and leadership conferences.


Section 6: The BSA Advisory Board will consist of no more than 10 qualified candidates. These individuals will need to demonstrate an ability to lead, the ability to work well with others, represent other students, plan programs and follow through, and attend mandatory fall and spring retreats.


Section 7: The Black Student Association will be advised out of the Office Of Multicultural Student Development located in the Center of Student Involvement and Leadership.


Section 8: All members of the BSA Advisory Board must have and maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.5


Section 9: Each member of the advisory board shall have many responsibilities including the supervision of one or more committees.


Section 10: All members of BSA Advisory Board must be a full time student (at least 12 semester hours) at Appalachian State University and are responsible for observing the Appalachian State University Code of Conduct.


Section 11: Any board member in violation of the above stated regulations shall be sanction with by the advisor on a case by case basis.


Article VI. Committees

Section 1: Each committee shall consist of members from the general body.

Section 2: Each committee will have a chair that is an Advisory Board Members and holds the power to call meetings as deemed necessary.

Section 3: All committee meetings are mandatory.

Section 4: Each committee is responsible for reporting all pertinent information regarding their duties.

Section 5: Each committee must designate a member of the committee as a recording secretary.

The BSA Committees are the following:

  • Cookouts
  • Kwanzaa
  • Black Arts
  • Black History Month
  • Ad Hoc Committees

Article VII. Advisor

Section 1: The faculty advisor shall be appointed by the Director of the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership.

Section 2: The faculty advisor shall have the following duties:

a. Shall supervise all interviews and selections to the board.

b. Shall help coordinate the activities of the BSA within the larger goals of the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership.

c. Shall regularly attend BSA Advisory Board meetings.

d. Shall aid BSA members in utilizing campus resources.Updated 7/22/2008

Article VIII. Ratification

Section 1: This constitution shall take effect on a 2/3 majority vote of Black Student Association members attending a scheduled meeting, provided that adequate notice of the meetings has been given.

Article IX. Amendments

Section 2: This constitution may be amended on a 2/3 majority vote of Black Student Association members attending a scheduled meetings, provided that adequate notice of the meeting has been given

The Constitution of the Black Student Association at Appalachian State University


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