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BSA Executive Board

This year's Black Student Association executive board consists of 10 members. Each board member brings a unique and insightful perspective that allows the board to create successful events, fellowship and overall community engagement. Furthermore, as members of the BSA executive board, we find pride in providing a safe space for black students at Appalachian State University. In conclusion, we strive to uplift and also connect to the black community at Appalachian State University. 


Kyndavee Bichara

(Junior International Business Major, Arabic Minor)

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" Hey y'all my name is Kyndavee Bichara but everyone calls me Kynda. I am the president of the Black Student Association. I have joined this amazing organization because I am truly passionate about the Black community and making sure we have the resources we need to be successful. I love all of the memories I have made being on the executive board and as a general body member. Sending peace, love, and happiness your way!"

Laouratou Boiro

(Sophmore Criminal Justice Major)

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 Hey, one and all!  My name is Laouratou Boiro but you all can call me Laoura. I am your 2020- 2021 Vice President. I am very passionate about representing and advocating for the black community. Also, I am proud to be on the executive board because I am able to connect with and be of service to the black community at App. Wishing you all the best!" 

Colbie Lofton

(Junior Computer Information Systems Major)

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"Hey, I am Colbie Lofton your marketing chair! I like being on the board because I like to practice my skills in graphic design. However, I also love being a member of the BSA because I enjoy fellowship and connecting with other people of color on our campus!"

Deja Chapple

( Junior Studio Art Major)

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"Hey everyone!. I am Deja Chapple your board's current programming chair. I like serving on the executive board because I am able to give students fun events and service opportunities to look forward to here on campus." 

Olivia Rice

(Sophmore Nursing Major)

Olivia Headshot

"Hello, guys! My name is Olivia Rice and I am the Black Student Association Public relations for 2020-2021. I am on the executive board because I believe that the black students on Appalachian State's campus should have a safe space to be themselves. But, what I enjoy the most about being on the board is the community and everyone is different but those differences are what unite us. " 

Peighton Simmons

(Senior Psychology Major; Education Concentration, Minor in Special Needs Education)

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" Hey, I am Peighton Simmons the BSA's liaison and I serve as a buffer between BSA and it's sub-group the Black Student Athletic Association. I really enjoy being on the BSA executive board because I am able to help, be hands-on with the black population on a predominantly white campus. But by far I love being apart of an organization that provides a safe space for people of color to excel."

Lauren Bryant 

(Sophmore Social Work Major) 

IMG 4281

Being on the exec board has giving me the amazing opportunity to grow in my leadership and organizational skills or making new connections in a culturally inclusive environment.

Olivia Shepherd

(Sophmore Education Major)


 I like being on the BSA exec board because it helps me connect better with other black students. It is also teaching the leader ship discipline and organization. I love the board members and I feel like we are a great team!


Sequan Patterson 

(Sophmore Psychology Major, Chemistry Minor,Spanish Minor )

IMG 3629

 I love being on the exec board because it gives me the opportunity to be with people who look like me on this campus and it gives me the opportunity to help and to be a resource for other black students on campus. I also enjoyed all of the responsibility, organization, and people skills being on this exec board has to offer. Lastly, I love that BSA has created a safe space for all of its Black students, and that is something that I am very proud to be apart of.


Kayla Vazquez

(Sophmore Advertising Major, Digital Marketing Minor)

IMG 8301

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be the new co-marketing chair for the BSA. I am most excited to become more involved with the BSA and to be a part of an organization that makes me feel comfortable in my own skin.


"Knowledge and Action are Power so what am I going to do about It?"

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