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BSA Executive Board

This year's Black Student Association executive board consists of 9 members. Each board member brings a unique and insightful perspective that allows the board to create successful events, fellowship, and overall community engagement. Furthermore, as members of the BSA executive board, we find pride in providing a safe space for black students at Appalachian State University. In conclusion, we strive to uplift and also connect to the black community at Appalachian State University. 



Peyton Joyner

Hi everyone! My name is Peyton Joyner. I’m a sophomore English major with a concentration in literary studies and a minor in communications. I am beyond happy to be serving as the 2022-2023 president for BSA. I joined this organization to develop a deeper connection to the black community on campus. Along with this I wanted to help serve the betterment of the black community on this campus through providing safe spaces and other ways to empower our community. I hope to meet you all during my time as president!





Cailia Cater-Edwards

Hello! My name is Caila Cater-Edwards and I am a Sustainable Development Major with a concentration in Agroecology and Agriculture. I am currently the Vice-President for the BSA Executive board, and I handle the club’s finances and taking down the minutes for meetings. I joined BSA to get more involved and connected with the black community here at Appalachian State.

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Shantay Chambers

My name is Shantay Chambers, I am a Junior Exercise Science major. I am the programming chair for the 22-23 year and my job is to create fun programs and events for students. I  joined BSA to form connections with POC on this campus.




Kate Davis

Hello! My name is Kate Davis and I am a sophomore, Pre-Nursing major. I am the co-programming chair of BSA. In my role, I help create activities, programs, and events that our students can come out and enjoy with us. I joined BSA to have a black community around me. BSA has given me the opportunity to be around a community of people who have similar experiences as myself, and help create and participate in activities for the black Community at App. 


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Zaria Gray

Hey everyone! My name is Zaria Gray and I am a sophomore majoring in Graphic Communication Management with a Concentration in Cross Media Production with a minor in Digital Marketing & Studio Art. I am the 2022-2023 Marketing Chair. As marketing chair my job is to manage our social media page and create the flyers for each event BSA holds. Another responsibility I hold is sending out weekly emails detailing various events held by different organizations on campus.


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Victoria Virella

Hey y’all! My name is Victoria Virella and I am a junior Exercise Science major. I am the 2022-2023 Historian for BSA. My job is to manage our Engage account, website and to maintain an archive of events, programs and traditions. I joined BSA to be a part of a community that accepts me for who I am and to better the community so that other black students can feel welcome at App State.

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Laide Onikoyi

Hey! My name is Laide Onikoyi and I am a sophomore Public health major from Greensboro, NC. I am the current public relations chair, through BSA I hope to help bring more African American students together here at App.


Christiana Wright

Hey everybody! My name is Christiana Wright, I am a sophomore Computer Science major and am working this year as an intern for BSA. Joining BSA this year, for me, has been a great opportunity to meet other black students on campus and create connections with them. 

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"Knowledge and Action are Power so what am I going to do about It?"